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Who is Arthur?

It is in a nice small town next to Grenoble that I’ve spend most of my life, if you exclude on year at the opposite side of Grenoble, sleeping in a castle tower. No kidding, for real

My father is Dutch and he therefore wanted me to learn German since my youngest times. And this I did because Grenoble, the most international city of all international cities such as New York or Amsterdam, has an English and German Primary School, as well as a Middle and High School. I got my “Abibac” in  2010 (a mix between the German end degree called Abitur and the French Baccalauréat).

I never really knew what I wanted to do, and I thus followed a friend of mine in a two years degree in Business Administration. Despite this choice I don’t regret because basics in Management is always good knowledge, I might would have done a better choice doing volunteering instead. In France, as opposed to our German sister, it is not very socially admitted to take another path as the traditional “Baccalauréat-Bachelor-Master-get a job as soon as you can”. I personaly believe that studying is important, but not as back up solution. If you don’t know what to study, then it is a waste of time doing something you don’t enjoy. Instead, it is better to diversify your experiences to see what you like, and eventually start studies that are not a burden but a real pleasure.

Maybe that is what I should have done ?!

During my third semester in Business in 2011 (out of 4  semesters to get the degree) I went to Germany in Münster, next to the Dutch Border. I came back in February 2012 to finish the degree and started with my first real work for a few months to finance my study year in Adelaide, Australia. Business administration as in accounting, human resources or finances is not really a vocation for me. My sensibility to environmental issues brought me to study “Environmental Policy & Management”. During this exact one year, I left on February the 19th and came back February the 19th n+1, I had the chance to work in the wineyards, in a French cafe-crêperie, to buy a car and to paint on it, to fly to Vanuatu (ha ha, but what is that?) and to hitchhike New-Zealand.

If you have the opportunity to study abroad, or anything else really, do not hesitate!

In the mean time I kept in contact with my friend Rémi the ravioli and our world tour project got preciser and preciser… Slowly at first, and very fast at the end ! In fact, Rémi and I both got the State Diploma in “Why should you do today what can be done tomorrow”. On the other hand it is not a very difficult diploma to get, the Government gives it to all young people.

From February to November 2014 I smoothely spend all the money I had left while moving around in France, Germany and the Netherlands. And during the summer I worked in the wineyards and in a summer camp with difficult childrens to finance the world tour!

I think that my travelling desire was always somewhere in a corner of my head. The first shock came with a cartoon I was watching as a child: Jules Verne “Around the World in 80 days”, especially when they take the hot air balloon, waaaaaaah.

And actually, you are the result of your origins: my father travelled a lot when he was younger. Indonesia, South-East Asia, Yougoslavia which was not “ex” at this time, and many others!

The time has come for us, XXXtrem travellers, to skim through our beautiful planet…


Who is Rémi?

    Except for a break in Japan for two years when I was three years old, I lived until 21 years old in Fontaine, close neighbourhood  of Grenoble. I did my middle  and high school at the international school of Grenoble with Portuguese as a first language. In high school I was not really studious and most of the time I was interested in something else that what they wanted to teach me. I am more guided by curiosity than studying for the exams. I struggled to finish my high school in the scientific branch at the first try, but I finished it. 18 years old with no good enough grades in high school for any thing else, it will be university. Thanks to the after-high-school french system. Student life, I have a hard time following a really generalist study called Computing with more maths and physics than computing. I get interested one more time in different things. Of course the parties, the beer, the friends. But also for example discover the hackerspace movement, I meet older geeks two or three times a month to build many different things, rapid prototyping, microcontroller, 3D printer, laser cutter. I get also a lot interested in music, hungry for discoveries, I discover news genres going into the few nice clubs and festivals of Grenoble. Rock, Reggae, Dub, Drum and Bass, Trance, Electro, Rap, Hip-Hop, Electro Swing, Balkan beat, Jungle-mega-steak,… No, Jungle-mega-steak it doesn’t exist you’re really not following, I knew it. Anyway I spend my time listening music and downloading without counting, pro-sharing, paying bands if they make concerts in Grenoble, and not really caring about bands who already have enough money but just want more. And I start to be volunteer in festivals, it’s fun, it’s even better on the other side of the bar. I also get interested a lot into the open source mouvement, or rather say free software, idea that say that we should be able to read, edit, share a software that we use. I switch from Windows to Linux and use only free software, also concerned about privacy. Not really enthusiastic about giving my data to big companies, I almost never use Facebook and Google,… After three years, only succesfully finishing one university year, I decided that studying is not for me, I will learn by myself what I want to learn, but above all I will be able to live full-time another passion : the travel.

   Ah but you are so crazy ! Man, if you don’t get a degree you will not be able to do anything in your life, but how will you have a job, nobody will want to hire you, and your retirement ? You think of your retirement ?!
No, I don’t think of it, and I don’t care. I decided to take another path than the one everybody takes, the one already mapped by the society, but in which I don’t feel comfortable.
I start to learn by myself web development. With some experience in web administration, I start some projects, then I take part in a hackathon (event where programmers join each other to do collaborative coding) for Bewelcome an exchange hospitality network, and Hitchwiki the bible of hitchhiking online. I learn by doing, I learn fast, with pleasure. I do some projects for my mother company, for friends of friends who start a business, and so I start to get money out of this new skill.

   Starting in June 2013, date at which I stopped studying, I travelled all around Europe, stopping in Grenoble from time to time for some weeks. I make some discoveries, I meet people, who inspire me and comfort me in the idea I have of a different life. Poland, Slovakia, Germany, England, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Croatia, Albania. Hitchhiking, Couchsurfing, communities, travellers house, the road, the back pack. More than 25000km of hitchhiking in one year.
Then finally the crazy project of making a trip around the world with my friend Arthur got more precise, got delayed, but now we are gone !

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