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Travels, Hitchhiking, Collaboration, Hospitality, Free Software, Alternatives … What ?

Closer to our way of travelling we believe, use, and contribute to those projects :

The code of those projects is open.

Free Software:

   “Free software” indicates software that respect the liberty of users. Roughly, it means that the users have the liberty to execute, copy, distribute, study, modify and improve these software. Thus “Free software” is a reference to the value of liberty, not to the price. To understand this concept better, think of free expression and not free of charges (see https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.fr.html ).
   We both believe in free software. Our blog use the software WordPress. We display map with the Leaflet and the open and collaborative cartographic database OpenStreetMap. Our server is hosted at Gandi which use and promote free software. We love the Framasoft French association that leads a big campaign to ‘ungooglise internet‘, and we use a lot Framapad for organisation (in French only).
For our internet researches, instead of using Google, we ask everything to DuckDuckGo. Although only partially open source, your data is much more protected, and some functions are really well done. The results differ from Google Search because there is no advertisment (or it is optional) and that the research itself is made differently. The Wikipedia page is pretty well done.

You want to use some content of our website?

     If you think that the content on our website is good, please feel free to use it. If we meet some day, you can buy us a beer in return. To see the philosophy.

     However, by politeness and in order to avoid bad surprises, especially for controversial uses, thanks to contact us beforehand explaining what you would like to do with it and to wait for our answer! For example to put some content on Facebook, Youtube, for commercial use, or if you want to modify significantly the content before publishing, etc.

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