Help us to find a host!

We try to have a hosting budget close to 0, which implies nights outside in our cherished tent and nights hosted in houses found thanks to several hospitality networks or to the opportunities of our journey.

But we would love to meet your aunt that has a goat farm in Guatemala, your childhood’s best friend that fixes orphanages in Burkina Faso and even your brother that is trader and live in an apartment with a gorgeous view on Wall Street. Or if yourself you have a villa with swimming pool, jacuzzi, sea side and shellfishes, we are not hard to please.

Just kiddin’, any free place on a floor or spot in a garden are very welcome!

You, dear fans behind your computers, you can take action in our trip and create some super social link behind the countries, the social classes, make some love turn around the planet and be part of a better world!

Hereunder, a list of the countries through we will probably go and an rough date! We don’t really have a precise plan, and since we are hitchhiking we cannot be 100% precise about the date and time of arrival. We will make a lot of effort for your wonderful aunt in order to arrive on the arranged date, but we will probably need a bit of flexibility.

Contact-us so that we can arrange a meeting!

Where they are when?

Dates may overlap as we don’t really know when we will be there.

Sudan/Ethiopia : August

Kenya/Tanzania/Mozambique/Malawi : September/October

South Africa : November/December

Thanks for your help, be sure it is really appreciated 😉

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