Flash news – The stickers are here!

Small flash news to talk to you about today’s excitement. We printed some stickers for untourdeuxsinges, or UTDS, the new official acronym of your favorite website, remember this!

We are really happy to have these awesome stickers that we will be able to give to all the cool people we will meet in our world tour, or to use them as nice small present for the drivers who take us hitchhiking.

We are really thankful to our friends who did the design. With the drawing of Marie and the realization of Mikaël and Simona, thank you guys! All the process went really smoothly: Mikaël and Simona did the design in no time, followed up by two days going to every printer of Nicosia to find the best price. This morning they were ready!

We take advantage of the news to tell you that today we are leaving Nicosia to go to the marinas of the south of Cyprus to start boat hitchhiking in order to reach Egypt.

Kisses and souvlakis !

If you too you want to print UTDS stickers to be the coolest at school, the files are avalaible here.

And here is a design made by Simona we didn’t print but we like a lot anyway.


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