Flash news – Hitching a boat from Cyprus to Egypt or Israel

Hey everybody!

Since two days we started to go from marina to marina in order to find a boat to Egypt. The three main ones are in Larnaca and two in Limassol (old and new). We wanted to focus on a direct boat to Egypt but it seems that departures are not very frequent so we are considering to go first to Israel and then Jordania.

We are looking in priority for a sailing boat, but we are going to see if cargo or cruise ships could take us in exchange for a bit of work.

After Egypt, we want to go to Sudan but the geopolitical situation is a bit complicated. An entry in Israel blocks access to Sudan. It is possible to have the Israeli visa stamp on a separated paper, but on the Egyptian visa, Sudanese authorities will see that we came from Israel. It would be a matter of luck if we can pass! Jordania doesn’t seem to indicate that we arrived from Israel.

The next weeks will be dedicated to go around the cities, to send emails in every direction and to put papers on the notice boards. We are excited to get answers! Of course, if you have any piece of information of contacts that could help us, contact us!

You will hear from us soon!

One thought on “Flash news – Hitching a boat from Cyprus to Egypt or Israel

  1. Bon courage pour la traversée … Tu trouveras bien un bateau à Larnaca !!! En attendant, va boire une binouse au Black Ship, sur l’avenue à coté de la grande bleue . Si ce bistrot existe toujours 30 ans plus tard, tu verra, le comptoir est en forme de bateau . Good trip à vous.

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