Flash news – Introducing our new buddy Fil Topo

In the previous article we talked quickly about Fil Topo, but what it this strange animal? Don’t get fooled by his rainbow zebra appearance, it is an elephant. Some weirdos will say it is a penguin, but no no no, it is an elephant.

It is Ceylan, a Turkish friend that introduced us in January 2015. When he got aware that we were going to Africa, he immediately asked us if we could bring him to see his brothers for real. We became quickly good friends while eating baklava and playing Elephant Ball (Fil Topo actually means ‘elephant ball’ in Turkish).

It has been now four months that Fil Topo is moving all over the place with us, in our backpacks or taking some fresh air, he participates to our restaurants and diverse excursions. It is not always easy to carry an elephant but we have each 70 kilos of pure muscle with us.

We feel that he changed a lot since he is with us, and we hope he is not on a slippery slope. Recently he became a punk when he pierced his ear and smoked for the first time… See you soon for some more elephantic adventures!

One thought on “Flash news – Introducing our new buddy Fil Topo

  1. Coucou Les Boyz!! Trop contente d’avoir de vos nouvelles et de vois que les kms s’enchaînent à merveille. J’ai pas eu le temps de tout lire mais je sais maintenant quoi faire dans mes heures perdus 🙂

    Bonne continuation et merci pour le partage.

    bisous mes rude boy

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