Flash news – Dude, where’s my backpack?

Hey to all the Fresh Cheese Lovers,

We have a good and a bad news. The good one first: it had been a little while that we were telling ourselves that we should travel lighter, but we could never take the decision of throwing stuff away, and we were actually accumulating more and more. But now it is done, we have between 15 and 20 kilos less!

The bad news is that it is for a bad reason… Yes, while Arthur’s backpack was quietly sleeping at the end of a music festival on the beach, he has been kidnapped! Arthur and Rémi tried for a big part of the night to find him between the dunes, the same the next day, even going to the closest city. Nothing important was lost, only clothes, sleeping bag, the speakers, some personal souvenirs and especially the backpack itself.

After giving up the search, we went to the police station to get offered sandwiches and a sleeping bag while doing our loss declaration.« What is the name of your father? What is the name of your mother? What is your religion? ». Euh, no religion. « No, I’m asking, what is your religion: Jew, Christian, Muslim, Arab? » (You will notice that Arab is a religion for the police officer). No religion, atheist. It seemed to confuse him. « This is my name on Facebook, and if you have a problem, just let me know, or call me. Have a nice trip guys ».

Bad night of sleep, and another good suprise when we notice the day after that the screen of Rémi’s computer is broken and that we need to replace it.

A good week-end for UTDS POWAAAAA!!

For the next days, going to the computer repair places and second hand shops in Tel Aviv in Israel !

And then we will go to float on the Dead Sea.

Kikisses to you,

Raflure, Flémi, and Bill Topo.

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