Flash news – Let’s get the new iPapyrus!

For many reasons absolutely independent from us (laziness, heat, people who tried to build the Internet for us, fresh cheese, etc.), we haven’t written much these last weeks. And still many things happened!

First of all we left Israel after a short stay in Palestine and we met with Marie in Jordan, a friend from Arthur’s study year in Australia. Three weeks went by as fast as a race camel, and Internet being as hard to find as water, our website has not been over flooded.

So after Marie decided to miss her plane from Jordan back to France and to follow us for some more weeks, we took the boat to Egypt. In the mean time her parents, worried about not finding her at Marseille airport, have been calling all kind of embassies and police offices to find her back. Now in Sinai we are chilling in Dahab to catch up with all the things we’ve put aside. We are still hesitating between a snorkeling lesson or a training camp with ISIS ©. The Muslim Brothers ® are offering competitive fairs as well, but we have been told that the service was not as good. We will stay a small month in an Egypt completely emptied from tourists, from what we have seen so far.
We are as well very proud to have had our first tourista.

Mariathurémi, one trip two monkeys and a nutria.

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