Castaways in Cyprus

After having shared our impressions on Cyprus, we still wanted to make a shorter article on what we did and saw.

Two months and a half and we first wanted to stay only two or three weeks. We got a bit lost, but no regret.

Fabian, who joined us in Turkey, continued to travel with us during three weeks in Cyprus. After exploring the northern part of Cyprus, we squatted during several days an abandoned building in Nicosia. As it was a little tough to find showers and to wash clothes, we left the city to go to the mountains of Trodoos, after having found our set of good addresses (cheap beer and cheap bread) and celebrated Arthur’s birthday with a Fabian sick as a green elephant. From small villages to small villages, we stopped to taste the almond tree’s flowers that were filling the sides of the mountain. In Alona, where the streets are protected from the sun with old vines, probably very beautiful in autumn, we‘ve randomly met the old football coach who offered us a shower in Nicosia, surrounded by his childhood friends, and he would apologize that he can’t offer us more than their lunch’s leftovers. After that we meet Doria, a friend from Grenoble, who will have the chance to follow us in our adventures during two weeks and help us in the construction of river dams. Then Fabian, like usual, almost missed his flight, shortly followed by Doria. And we continued the adventure with our super friend Olex from Ukrain, who after breaking the handle of our coffee pot in Antalya, decided to go on with the lid and to burn the camping mat of Arthur when testing the revolutionary sleeping technique of the heating sand (ask us if you are really interested).

After a month without shampoo we found our oasis : four girls doing European voluntary service with a house, a shower, a washing machine, a terrace, and a gay cat. It will become our headquarters during more than a month of going and coming, in the meantime the future is building up.

After having seen a poster of trance festival in the street, we decided to be volunteer: a week of cleaning, building up tents, and three days of music with all the team of Exodus, a bunch of Israelis supported by the Cyprus crew.

Then the dear family of Rémi came to visit us, making possible thanks to « super rented car » to access some remote corners like the gorges of Akavas in the Akamas park. They also, according to our requirements, arrived with more cheese and delicatessen than clothes.

But the Cypriot adventure started to be long, two months, and it was time to find a sailing boat to get to Egypt. We tried everything, every marinas and ports, we got stopped by the police to check that we were on our way to Syria to do the Jihad, and ended up deciding to go through Israel that we initially wanted to avoid. And we finally paid a cargo ship at the very competitive price of 230€, two times more than the plane. But we resisted to the plane and its ridiculously low prices, they didn’t get us yet.

Israel, Palestine, get ready ready to solve your conflict, we are coming!

Fil Topo, Rémi and Arthur.

Some pictures of places we enjoyed.

utds_IMG_1446View on Dipkarpaz Peninsula, Northern Cyprus.

utds_IMG_1201One of Dipkarpaz’s beaches.

utds_IMG_5114Street on the Turkish side of Nicosia. A lot of abandonned buildings to squat in order for a stay in the capital.

utds_IMG_1272Trodoos mountains, here a view of Palaichori vilage.

utds_IMG_1375Squat of an old night club in Paphos. Arthur was fancying to open his new bar there.

utds_IMG_9227Beach in Akamas park.

utds_IMG_1388Pyla, one of the last villages where both Turkish and Greek Cypriots leave in peace.

utds_IMG_9196Capo Greko, North side of the island.

utds_IMG_1570The beach after Akdeniz village, Northern Cyprus.

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