Flash news – ሰላምናችሁ Africa

Salamnatchu ሰላምናችሁ!

Since approximately one week we are in Ethiopia and therefore left the Arab World to enter the real Africa. The first days were quite difficult. There are very few cars so it’s very hard to hitchhike, many people ask us money, especially the kids following us on hundreds of meters, and one often tries to make us pay the “white man price”. It’s the rainy season so it rains a lot, impossible to camp, hard to be hosted, and we end up paying for hotel rooms. We just arrived in Mekele where we find a bigger, more welcoming city and people apparently more used to strangers.

Since several months we are getting late on our articles. Every day from 11am to 5pm Internet doesn’t work, from 5pm to 9pm there is a general electricity outage, which only leaves us the 9-11am time span to have fun charging 38 times the same pages waiting for a stable connection. Comfortable places to write with an electrical plug are rare, so we opt for the “chic” hotels where we drink delicious Ethiopian coffee.

After months of desert, we are happy to cruise through the green mountains of Ethiopia, to have seen monkeys (no dad, no elephant yet) and to have trade tea for cheap and good beers. It’s what we drink now when the rain is too strong, no other option.

But the articles will arrive. Be patient, we send you a lot of telepathic coffee meanwhile.


One thought on “Flash news – ሰላምናችሁ Africa

  1. “Steady she goes” – in fact, you go. Tracing stars or your good luck – or both! Keep it that way, and fill your backpacks with experiences and joy, and when the load would get too heavy, just spill them out and share with other people! Just as you do with marvellous pictures and comments. All the best, je vous embrasse!

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