Flash news – Dude, where’s my camera?

Hello girls and boys and all the others.

We have a good and a bad news. The good one is that we are in Addis Ababaxxx le capital of Ethiopia, that we are all right and that we are being hosted in a nice flat, with unlimited hot sower (first since weeks, maybe months), a kitchen, Internet, electricity, and a beautiful view on the surrounding mountains. It’s Ronen a cool dude found on Couchsurfing who welcomed us for few days, and we can finally rest after our recent adventures rather difficult.

And the bad one, we got stolen and we lost our two cameras. No no ladies and gentlemen, not one, but our two cameras. We were walking on the road on our way to hitchhike out of the city of Kembolcha when a tuk-tuk stopped and proposed to bring us a bit further for free. Rémi hopped in the front while Arthur was in the back with two other guys and our backpacks. The two guys discretely opened the pockets of our two small backpacks on which we usually always keep a close eye on, and they took our two cameras, a recorder and phone charger.

As we were saying in our last flash new we arrived in Africa where our travelling style is not working as well as we would like. We really are the white men whom a good part of the locals tries to draw out anything they can from us and to take advantage of us. Just a day after the cameras got stolen, it’s a kid this time that searched Rémi’s pocket and achieved to take his phone, before we noticed and managed to get it back.

In fact the true bad news is that we fell we cannot trust anybody and that we cannot travel the way we want, adding to it that we lost all our pictures of Ethiopia and that we don’t have a camera for the continuation of the trip.

To celebrate this event we decided to create a new category : Stolen Items.

But be careful don’t panic! Once we forget about all the things that make the journey difficult we are really happy to be here, to drink beer at the bar for 0,5€ the pint, to get into cars that disappeared since long time in Europe and to be invited for coffee ceremonies.

Ciao dear pizzas.

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