Flash news – Blog breakdown

Hey little potatoes,

Back on the blog after a long time of inactivity, to actually say that we will not take care of it for a few more weeks!

We suffered very severe attacks of beautiful beaches against which we could do nothing, and still if it was the only problem… We had to fight against an interstellar conspiracy to keep us away from Internet (Rémi thinks it’s the aliens, but Arthur is more on the side of the giant cookies). In order to add some spices to our communication, the computer’s keyboard stopped working properly. Without the , the , the , and the spacebar, the communication looked more or less like this: Helloweaeemiadathuadwehaeaeyiceblog. Not very convenient. Since yesterday we are the happy owners of a big external keyboard, making the laptop a bit less portable.

We are now on the island of Zanzibar that we will leave to reach quickly South Africa where we plan to arrive beginning of December for a music festival, to offer a little bit of our muscles for the preparation and a little bit of our legs for the dance. It’s also why, with the intense few thousands of kilometers still to do in two weeks we will not be able to take care of the blog. Once we will find a home in Cape town, we will start to get back to our articles. Egypt Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania/Zanzibar, the way to South Africa, and probably something about our arrival in Cape Town.


But we can quickly give you an overview of our last weeks!

We left Ethiopia at the end of the rainy season to find a small France at family’s friends in Nairobi. Arthur healed is furoncle like a big boy. The wine and cheese that we were missing so much probably helped by far more than the doctor’s antibiotics. It’s what the French governement says: a glass of red wine and three diary products a day, which we didn’t have for a long time so we had to compensate. Next we went for a week to help the Musafir project, a group of big children who decided that they will build a huge wooden boat to travel the world. And we left the place only four weeks later. The paradise beach’s trap, the good atmosphere and a nice party with Mungo’s Hifi at the backpacker next door.

We took the road for a small trip to Zanzibar that expanded a little bit (What? Again?).

See you in few weeks then?

Kisses and penguins,

Arthur, Rémi and their new keyboard.

PS: For the cool people who are been following us has been now one year that we are travelling … Craaazy. Our next article might as well be a small review on this past year.

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