Flash news – Update: arrival in Cape Town

Hello my sweet ducklings.

As you all know (since you follow our blog with more avidity than Facebook or the Times), we arrived in Cape Town at the beginning of December with the ambitious goal of finding a flat and a job, to settle for a while, and to make a solid network of cute and nice friends. Well, it didn’t work at all.

First arrival in the Mother City, we had time to drop our stuff before going for some volunteering at the Vortex festival, and we even managed to make a bit of money by offering our help. After this break in a cool micro-society of non-stop music and good fun, back to the city.

Going from problem to problem, our « Cape Town Master Plan » (as written on our piece of paper) is still far from being accomplished. Just to give examples: Capetownians who promise us to host us and just turn down on us like that, a flat of a French friend where we could stay during one month until the agency says « no it’s not possible for you to stay here, it’s a matter of principle » – ooh beautiful principles that you have there mister Real Estate.

So we abandoned this too difficult city after an ENORMOUS CHRISTMAS with a gargantuan dinner and the afternoon of the 25th spent on the beach before joining the Learning Man, a completely different festival as compared to Vortex. The goal is in the name : learning. It’s a small village that was set up during these eight days, without hierarchy and where each one is free to learn and to teach through workshops, formal or spontaneous exchanges, and where all the generations were mixed with an incredible tolerance. There we also experimented the Community Exchange System an alternative to our money, since there was no money in circulation on the festival but only this system that was used.


But we had left our bicycles and some other stuff in the city, monstrous entity… And right when we got home the phone ringed : a restaurant needs Arthur to work in two hours. So Arthur has spent the week working, while at the same time we finished the last preparations, in particular selling our beautiful bikes.

Arthur was not far from going to Brazil hitching on a sailing boat, but it ended up not happening. The two mates will then hit the road back together and go to an permaculture farm for some volunteering.

Doing this we should be settled for a bit, might be nice to write one or two articles, right guys?


Rémur und Arthi

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