Musafir is setting sail

Ahoy Sailors !

No we still don’t have any new articles, we are now in Ikhwezi Lokusa a permaculture farm around East London still in South Africa, where we spent three really nice weeks. We are soon leaving in direction of Swaziland leaving the country before the end of our visa. We got late again on our articles’ writing and the one about Egypt is still not finished, but to cheer you up you can have a look at the pictures of Sudan that we just uploaded.

While in Kenya we spent one month at Musafir in order to participate to this beautiful project and mainly to start our initiation to pirate life. Musafir is the project to build a huge old school wooden boat, to go on an adventure with it and to promote simple an sustainable life in harmony with the environment.

The boat is now almost finished and the musafiris started a crowdfunding campaign in order to cover the last expenses before setting sail at the end of march if everything goes well. Please have a look at the donation campaign.


Armi and Rétur.

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Flash news – Update: arrival in Cape Town

Hello my sweet ducklings.

As you all know (since you follow our blog with more avidity than Facebook or the Times), we arrived in Cape Town at the beginning of December with the ambitious goal of finding a flat and a job, to settle for a while, and to make a solid network of cute and nice friends. Well, it didn’t work at all.

First arrival in the Mother City, we had time to drop our stuff before going for some volunteering at the Vortex festival, and we even managed to make a bit of money by offering our help. After this break in a cool micro-society of non-stop music and good fun, back to the city.

Going from problem to problem, our « Cape Town Master Plan » (as written on our piece of paper) is still far from being accomplished. Just to give examples: Capetownians who promise us to host us and just turn down on us like that, a flat of a French friend where we could stay during one month until the agency says « no it’s not possible for you to stay here, it’s a matter of principle » – ooh beautiful principles that you have there mister Real Estate.

So we abandoned this too difficult city after an ENORMOUS CHRISTMAS with a gargantuan dinner and the afternoon of the 25th spent on the beach before joining the Learning Man, a completely different festival as compared to Vortex. The goal is in the name : learning. It’s a small village that was set up during these eight days, without hierarchy and where each one is free to learn and to teach through workshops, formal or spontaneous exchanges, and where all the generations were mixed with an incredible tolerance. There we also experimented the Community Exchange System an alternative to our money, since there was no money in circulation on the festival but only this system that was used.


But we had left our bicycles and some other stuff in the city, monstrous entity… And right when we got home the phone ringed : a restaurant needs Arthur to work in two hours. So Arthur has spent the week working, while at the same time we finished the last preparations, in particular selling our beautiful bikes.

Arthur was not far from going to Brazil hitching on a sailing boat, but it ended up not happening. The two mates will then hit the road back together and go to an permaculture farm for some volunteering.

Doing this we should be settled for a bit, might be nice to write one or two articles, right guys?


Rémur und Arthi

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Flash news – Blog breakdown

Hey little potatoes,

Back on the blog after a long time of inactivity, to actually say that we will not take care of it for a few more weeks!

We suffered very severe attacks of beautiful beaches against which we could do nothing, and still if it was the only problem… We had to fight against an interstellar conspiracy to keep us away from Internet (Rémi thinks it’s the aliens, but Arthur is more on the side of the giant cookies). In order to add some spices to our communication, the computer’s keyboard stopped working properly. Without the , the , the , and the spacebar, the communication looked more or less like this: Helloweaeemiadathuadwehaeaeyiceblog. Not very convenient. Since yesterday we are the happy owners of a big external keyboard, making the laptop a bit less portable.

We are now on the island of Zanzibar that we will leave to reach quickly South Africa where we plan to arrive beginning of December for a music festival, to offer a little bit of our muscles for the preparation and a little bit of our legs for the dance. It’s also why, with the intense few thousands of kilometers still to do in two weeks we will not be able to take care of the blog. Once we will find a home in Cape town, we will start to get back to our articles. Egypt Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania/Zanzibar, the way to South Africa, and probably something about our arrival in Cape Town.


But we can quickly give you an overview of our last weeks!

We left Ethiopia at the end of the rainy season to find a small France at family’s friends in Nairobi. Arthur healed is furoncle like a big boy. The wine and cheese that we were missing so much probably helped by far more than the doctor’s antibiotics. It’s what the French governement says: a glass of red wine and three diary products a day, which we didn’t have for a long time so we had to compensate. Next we went for a week to help the Musafir project, a group of big children who decided that they will build a huge wooden boat to travel the world. And we left the place only four weeks later. The paradise beach’s trap, the good atmosphere and a nice party with Mungo’s Hifi at the backpacker next door.

We took the road for a small trip to Zanzibar that expanded a little bit (What? Again?).

See you in few weeks then?

Kisses and penguins,

Arthur, Rémi and their new keyboard.

PS: For the cool people who are been following us has been now one year that we are travelling … Craaazy. Our next article might as well be a small review on this past year.

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Flash news – Dude, where’s my camera?

Hello girls and boys and all the others.

We have a good and a bad news. The good one is that we are in Addis Ababaxxx le capital of Ethiopia, that we are all right and that we are being hosted in a nice flat, with unlimited hot sower (first since weeks, maybe months), a kitchen, Internet, electricity, and a beautiful view on the surrounding mountains. It’s Ronen a cool dude found on Couchsurfing who welcomed us for few days, and we can finally rest after our recent adventures rather difficult.

And the bad one, we got stolen and we lost our two cameras. No no ladies and gentlemen, not one, but our two cameras. We were walking on the road on our way to hitchhike out of the city of Kembolcha when a tuk-tuk stopped and proposed to bring us a bit further for free. Rémi hopped in the front while Arthur was in the back with two other guys and our backpacks. The two guys discretely opened the pockets of our two small backpacks on which we usually always keep a close eye on, and they took our two cameras, a recorder and phone charger.

As we were saying in our last flash new we arrived in Africa where our travelling style is not working as well as we would like. We really are the white men whom a good part of the locals tries to draw out anything they can from us and to take advantage of us. Just a day after the cameras got stolen, it’s a kid this time that searched Rémi’s pocket and achieved to take his phone, before we noticed and managed to get it back.

In fact the true bad news is that we fell we cannot trust anybody and that we cannot travel the way we want, adding to it that we lost all our pictures of Ethiopia and that we don’t have a camera for the continuation of the trip.

To celebrate this event we decided to create a new category : Stolen Items.

But be careful don’t panic! Once we forget about all the things that make the journey difficult we are really happy to be here, to drink beer at the bar for 0,5€ the pint, to get into cars that disappeared since long time in Europe and to be invited for coffee ceremonies.

Ciao dear pizzas.

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Flash news – ሰላምናችሁ Africa

Salamnatchu ሰላምናችሁ!

Since approximately one week we are in Ethiopia and therefore left the Arab World to enter the real Africa. The first days were quite difficult. There are very few cars so it’s very hard to hitchhike, many people ask us money, especially the kids following us on hundreds of meters, and one often tries to make us pay the “white man price”. It’s the rainy season so it rains a lot, impossible to camp, hard to be hosted, and we end up paying for hotel rooms. We just arrived in Mekele where we find a bigger, more welcoming city and people apparently more used to strangers.

Since several months we are getting late on our articles. Every day from 11am to 5pm Internet doesn’t work, from 5pm to 9pm there is a general electricity outage, which only leaves us the 9-11am time span to have fun charging 38 times the same pages waiting for a stable connection. Comfortable places to write with an electrical plug are rare, so we opt for the “chic” hotels where we drink delicious Ethiopian coffee.

After months of desert, we are happy to cruise through the green mountains of Ethiopia, to have seen monkeys (no dad, no elephant yet) and to have trade tea for cheap and good beers. It’s what we drink now when the rain is too strong, no other option.

But the articles will arrive. Be patient, we send you a lot of telepathic coffee meanwhile.


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Flash news – Where is Fil Topo?

We lost our buddy…

Fil Topo left us in Jordan. During more than six months we carried him around, to the left, to the right, promising him to bring him to see the elephants in Africa. It is a brilliant failure because we lost him just before he even touched the African continent. He was with us during the hike in Wadi Dana (Dana Valley) and all of a sudden he had disappeared.

Kidnapped? Maybe his teenage crisis made him do stupid stuff? Or maybe he simply took a Jordanian camel for an elephant and went with him?

We think a lot about him and of course we give a reward to anybody that help us finding him. Please contact us.

Ciao our buddy, the spirit of our travel group.

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Flash news – Let’s get the new iPapyrus!

For many reasons absolutely independent from us (laziness, heat, people who tried to build the Internet for us, fresh cheese, etc.), we haven’t written much these last weeks. And still many things happened!

First of all we left Israel after a short stay in Palestine and we met with Marie in Jordan, a friend from Arthur’s study year in Australia. Three weeks went by as fast as a race camel, and Internet being as hard to find as water, our website has not been over flooded.

So after Marie decided to miss her plane from Jordan back to France and to follow us for some more weeks, we took the boat to Egypt. In the mean time her parents, worried about not finding her at Marseille airport, have been calling all kind of embassies and police offices to find her back. Now in Sinai we are chilling in Dahab to catch up with all the things we’ve put aside. We are still hesitating between a snorkeling lesson or a training camp with ISIS ©. The Muslim Brothers ® are offering competitive fairs as well, but we have been told that the service was not as good. We will stay a small month in an Egypt completely emptied from tourists, from what we have seen so far.
We are as well very proud to have had our first tourista.

Mariathurémi, one trip two monkeys and a nutria.

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Flash news – Dude, where’s my backpack?

Hey to all the Fresh Cheese Lovers,

We have a good and a bad news. The good one first: it had been a little while that we were telling ourselves that we should travel lighter, but we could never take the decision of throwing stuff away, and we were actually accumulating more and more. But now it is done, we have between 15 and 20 kilos less!

The bad news is that it is for a bad reason… Yes, while Arthur’s backpack was quietly sleeping at the end of a music festival on the beach, he has been kidnapped! Arthur and Rémi tried for a big part of the night to find him between the dunes, the same the next day, even going to the closest city. Nothing important was lost, only clothes, sleeping bag, the speakers, some personal souvenirs and especially the backpack itself.

After giving up the search, we went to the police station to get offered sandwiches and a sleeping bag while doing our loss declaration.« What is the name of your father? What is the name of your mother? What is your religion? ». Euh, no religion. « No, I’m asking, what is your religion: Jew, Christian, Muslim, Arab? » (You will notice that Arab is a religion for the police officer). No religion, atheist. It seemed to confuse him. « This is my name on Facebook, and if you have a problem, just let me know, or call me. Have a nice trip guys ».

Bad night of sleep, and another good suprise when we notice the day after that the screen of Rémi’s computer is broken and that we need to replace it.

A good week-end for UTDS POWAAAAA!!

For the next days, going to the computer repair places and second hand shops in Tel Aviv in Israel !

And then we will go to float on the Dead Sea.

Kikisses to you,

Raflure, Flémi, and Bill Topo.

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Flash news – Introducing our new buddy Fil Topo

In the previous article we talked quickly about Fil Topo, but what it this strange animal? Don’t get fooled by his rainbow zebra appearance, it is an elephant. Some weirdos will say it is a penguin, but no no no, it is an elephant.

It is Ceylan, a Turkish friend that introduced us in January 2015. When he got aware that we were going to Africa, he immediately asked us if we could bring him to see his brothers for real. We became quickly good friends while eating baklava and playing Elephant Ball (Fil Topo actually means ‘elephant ball’ in Turkish).

It has been now four months that Fil Topo is moving all over the place with us, in our backpacks or taking some fresh air, he participates to our restaurants and diverse excursions. It is not always easy to carry an elephant but we have each 70 kilos of pure muscle with us.

We feel that he changed a lot since he is with us, and we hope he is not on a slippery slope. Recently he became a punk when he pierced his ear and smoked for the first time… See you soon for some more elephantic adventures!

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Flash news – Prepare your falafels Israel

Hey sweet ducks and beautiful canned fishes,

As you know we decided to make a world trip without spending money on transportation. It’s a great success thanks to a super cargo-ship that transported us from Cyprus to Israel for the fair price of 235 euros each. Yes, it’s equivalent to one and a half month of traveling and even more expensive than taking the plane. Fortunately we have rock solid convictions and principles and we made the choice to drink less beer instead of taking the plane. Why not taking the plane would you ask? Read about that in a future article.

Here we are in Haifa after a 547 hours interrogation on the reasons of our stay in Israel, who we know here, if we have weapons in our bags, why we are so cool and many more tricky questions to check if we are indeed harmful to the Israeli State, or if we are any kind of jihad apprentices. Right now hosted in the ultra-orthodox neighborhood we are walking around while noticing the nice weapons carried by the soldiers and the small nationalists flags hanged to the buildings and cars.

Big kisses full of humus,

Fil Topo, Rémi et Arthur.

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