Survival tools

In this page, we want to gather all the information that seem useful for other travellers, other future travellers and even for those who are travelling thanks to the images on their computer. How to fool the pickpockets, how to make fire in snow, how to survive on a floating palm tree during three weeks in the ocean, and much more

This rubric is currently in construction for two reasons.

Firstly because we just started travelling and we find it a little pre-matured, almost presumptuous to already deliver advices.

Secondly because for now on we are focusing on the amelioration of other articles (you have to read between the lignes, it means “right now we are wayyy to lazy to take care about this” ha ha)

The only advice we can give you if:

-you want to start hitchhiking and still hesitating,

-you want to improve your hitchhiking style and skills,

-or if you don’t know anything about it and you are as curious as a monkey

is to go on this website, Hitchwiki, the collaborative website for hitchhikers. This is a good start already

Come back to us in a few months!

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